Minimooning during Paramedic course: Santa Fe

After a little break (hello wedding, football season, playoffs & Super Bowl!) I’m back! Chris and I spent a short weekend in Santa Fe, New Mexico for a minimoon together this past November. Since his Paramedic course won’t be over until June, we aren’t able to have an official honeymoon for quite some time. But we made the most of our time together exploring a new city!

Why Waiting Until the Last Minute to Book Your Galapagos Cruise Might Not Be the Best Idea

My dad and I had been planning to go the Galapagos for about two years. Because this was our bucket list trip-of-a-lifetime, we knew we wanted to see the most we could and enjoy ourselves as much as possible (who doesn’t?!). So I dove into planning more than a year in advance.

What to expect when your S/O goes off to “Superman School”

Let’s just start with nothing is ever set in stone! My fiancé went through so many changes throughout the process. I had no idea what to expect, as there is such little information online or given to the trainees. Just remember this is what we went through, and it might be very different for others.

What’s in my bag? Flight Attendant Essentials for any traveller

As a flight attendant, I always have a bag packed at all times. It’s sometimes tough to keep track of everything I need to pack and repack, so I’ve finally accepted that certain items just need to be kept in my suitcase so I’ll always have them with me. Here’s a few items that I simply can’t leave home without! Some things might seem obvious, but others might surprise you!